Always transformational.
We are Jumper.

We don’t think anyone should need to change their business, just to do their business.
That’s why we created Jumper.

The Jumper story

2000The idea

Exhausted from trying to fit a square peg in a round hole, together with key employees and partners, the founder of GoodMart decided to create software designed from the ground up specifically for a distribution business.

2001Going live

After a year of building, GoodMart launched the software.

2010In progress

Continuing to improve functionality to meet the ever-changing needs of the distribution business.

2015Measurable results

Fueled by the need for efficiency and improved performance the software continues to evolve.

2020Time to share

Based on the software's success, we found a new company, Jumper, to bring the software to other distributors and REPs to help them grow, and to drive efficiency forward in the industry.