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Springboard helps your estimating department send professional quotations. Efficient and easy.

Quotations can have links to encourage customers to Buy Now. This directs them to the Jumper e-commerce module Trampoline. Customers can checkout online with a credit card or using credit-approved accounts.

Send simple quotations to customers in under a minute

As part of my job as the manager of a team of salespeople, I need to have the right tools to keep my team focused on closing the jobs that we get asked to quote. Jumper’s Springboard has a hot list, which shows all of the jobs we think we have a shot at closing. It is so easy to put a job on the hot list, and then I can review the list with my team on a weekly basis. As a part of that review, we share ideas that help get jobs closed. The hot list keeps us focused on the jobs we can win.

Shane K.

The hot list keeps us focused on the jobs we can win

Jumper’s Springboard makes it easy to set margins or a selling price in several ways. You can assign a percentage margin to individual line items in the quotation, or type in selling prices for each line item, or you can set a sales price for the entire quotation, or a percentage margin for the entire quotation. Having this flexibility means I can close more jobs at margins that work for my business.

Russ D.
Russ D.Estimator

I can close more jobs at margins that work for my business

I am an estimator for a lighting distributor. When I am done setting up a quotation I use Jumper to send a ticket to my colleague who is the salesperson. He then reviews the quotation, assigns a margin, and transmits the quotation to the customer. The ticket system means I can collaborate with my colleagues seamlessly, and nothing ever falls through the cracks, which results in happier customers and more sales!

Ryan L.
Ryan L.Quotations Manager

Nothing ever falls through the cracks, which results in happier customers and more sales!

When I get a quotation request from a customer, it's usually via email, and there are typically plans and specs attached as PDF documents. Jumper makes it easy to upload all those documents and they are easy to access for as long as we need them, which means I don't have to go hunting for an email. And when my manager wants to check my work, or a project manager needs to refer to them when it's time or place the order, they always know where to go to find them.

James D.Sales Executive

I don't have to go hunting for an email

In my previous job I used Excel to prepare quotations. I had to be sure all of the formulas were correct each time, and that I set the print margins so that the PDF I created only showed the right information to the customer. It took a really long time to do, and I did make mistakes sometimes. Springboard is so much easier to use, and I can turn quotations around so much faster than before.

Clifford S.
Clifford S.Sales Executive

I can turn quotations around so much faster than before

In case you missed anything.

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Jumper is for any business to business or business to consumer enterprise with one to one thousand+ employees. If your business has something to sell, Jumper is probably meant for you.

Costs for Jumper vary based on the scope of your business. The cost for a single operator will be far lower than for a legacy business with multiple profit centers, of course. Jumper is offered on a contract basis, with payments due monthly. Depending on scope required for data migration, there may also be an initial startup/migration cost. Please fill out this form with some basic information about your business, and a Jumper representative will contact you promptly.

Yes! Jumper’s Springboard module allows you to input the job specifics into a form, assign a cost and a margin, and then transmit a professionally formatted PDF quote via email. Not only is the process super-efficient, but Springboard also makes it easy to follow up with customers regarding the quotes you have sent, and to assign each customer a score based on quotes that get converted into orders.

Yes! Jumper has a ticketing system we call Hunter, which makes it impossible to forget to take care of any issue. The ticket you open to address any issue will remain open until you or your colleague have completed the task you assigned. Never let something fall through the cracks again!

A single operator or a small team could start using Jumper tomorrow. Migration of data adds time and cost to the process. The largest and most complex ERP migrations could take up to two years.

Most users will be up and running with a good understanding of their assigned tasks and processes within an hour or two. Our process for new clients is that each Jumper customer should assign a Jumper ambassador to work with Jumper project managers. Any requests for help with how Jumper works should be channeled through the ambassador, and then on to Jumper project managers as needed. Typically the ambassador will be thoroughly expert in Jumper within a few weeks.

We consider custom modifications on a case by case basis.

Jumper’s monthly cost includes

  1. Secure hosting and storage of your data and uploaded documents on AWS
  2. Hosting of your Trampoline e-commerce website on your own custom domain
  3. Regular customer service and ongoing support

Jumper does not include

  1. Your website domain registration costs
  2. Your email service costs
  3. Your third party accounting system costs, if you don’t wish to use the accounting system offered by Jumper
  4. Your internet access costs

Jumper recommends the Gmail email service, but will work with other email service providers too. This means when Jumper is used to send a quotation to your customer, for example, it will look like it came from your company’s own email.

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